The Gift of a New Beginning
Over the past year, our team has helped hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers furnish and supply their homes. Your contribution allows us to help so many more.
How We Assist Refugees:
We contribute to a healthier society by preventing vulnerable populations like refugees from falling through the cracks. We believe in our ability to handle the training and employment of refugees, leveraging our expertise in repairing household appliances.
Household appliances, furniture, tableware, and more.
Training in professions such as appliance repair technician, plumber, and other in-demand occupations.
Employment support and assistance in starting businesses, helping find contractors.

Our Stories

Because of people like you, Tech Aid for Refugees is able to provide a welcoming home to refugees and asylum seekers in California.

    Let's Make the Adaptation of Refugees Easier
    You can help us in 3 ways: donate new or used appliances, donate money, or purchase items from our Amazon Registry.
    Donate New or Used Appliances
    We are happy to accept: washing machines, dryers, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, toasters, mixers, and much more.
    Don't worry about the condition — we'll repair them before giving them to those in need. Thank you for your support!

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